Option te buy



Are you looking for a solid investment with 8% return on investment guaranteed? It is possible to buy a villa and give it up for rent permanently. This will generate a guaranteed profit of 8% every year for the next 5-10 years. It is possible to stay for free in the villa for two weeks, every year.
The government has the responsibility to check every step in the building process of the villa’s. This creates even more certainty for your investment.
When you decide to sell the house or villa after a period of time, all the profits of the investment will be paid. Besides the possibility to buy this house on your own, it is possible to buy the house with other investors with the same profits.

Dubai Luxury Living can help you decide what the best way of investment is.


Make it your own

Do you want to make your dream come true and buy a house on The Heart of Europe?
It is possible to buy a villa or an apartment (by yourself or with others) and use it as a (joined) residence or vacation home.

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