St. Petersburg Island



St.Petersburg Island

St. Petersburg Island at The Heart of Europe will be a stunning vacation retreat home to The Tzar Hotel, a marina, white sandy beaches, a lagoon, lush tropical landscaping, massage cabanas and an exclusive restaurant and bar with a private infinity pool overlooking The Arabian Gulf. Surrounding the manmade island will be Floating Seahorses, connected to St. Petersburg Island via floating jetties.

St. Petersburg will be an idyllic holiday destination for adults and children. All Floating Seahorses will offer stunning sea and island views and the ultimate in contemporary marine style living.

St. Petersburg Island is one of six islands at The Heart of Europe and is within easy reach of The Tzar Hotel wich will be a luxury five star property on Main Europe Island. The largest island at The Heart of Europe, Main Europe Island will be home to a plethora of cafes, restaurants, shops, boutiques, European themed hotels, marinas, a circus, a five star deluxe family hotel and an array of entertainment facilities to suit all ages and interests.

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The Floating Seahorse

Essentially a boat without propulsion, The Floating Seahorse sets a new benchmark in the marine and luxury lifestyle market for contemporary design and innovation. The bespoke project of exclusive floating retreats in Dubai is today one of the most desirable and talked about concepts on a global scale.

Each individual Floating Seahorse will boast three storeys, one underwater, one at sea level and an upper deck. Sleeping underwater amongst marine life is something many of us could only dream about, but The Floating Seahorse will offer you just that and more! The Floating Seahorse is designed for holidaying, relaxation and quality leisure time.

What makes The Floating Seahorse so unique is that it offers total privacy, tranquillity and serenity and is just a stones ‘throw from a host of first class dining, leisure and entertainment facilities. .

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Division Type 1

Under water level

  • Private coral reef
  • Bathroom
  • Master bedroom

Sea level

  • Living room with seating area and dinging room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Deck
  • External shower on the deck

Upper deck

  • Informal external bedroom
  • Whirpool with a glass floor that acts as a skylight on the living room ceiling.


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